Stained Glass

Stained Glass Dome

Stained Glass for Home or Commercial Applications

With state-of-the-art CAD drafting and design
we can meet the most demanding requirements for these beautiful art glass panels. While we use modern computerized design, we manufacture the panels using old world craftsmanship. Our sales and design staff will work with you closely to design a stained or leaded glass window to your exacting specifications.To see more examples of our stained and leaded glass portfolio, please visit our Leaded & Stained Glass Gallery.

Because of the computerized drafting techniques any design changes require just a few mouse clicks instead of hours of hand redrawing, which saves you, the customer, money and time. While it is fairly common in the leaded and stained glass industry to require one to two months, or more, to produce a panel, we at Fashion Glass & Mirror can produce these beautiful art glass panels in as little as ten days. We have a staff of designers and fabricators that were chosen for their professionalism and attention to quality. Regardless of your needs, be it a domed ceiling or a simple hutched door, our staff is ready to meet your requirements.

Should you require beveled glass in your leaded glass windows or doors we can produce a top quality beveled pattern to meet your needs and completely manufacture that glass in-house. This ability allows us to offer our customers a cost effective, quality product. In addition, because of our volume, we have been able to keep the cost of production far below our competitors. This all adds up to savings for our customers.

A beveled glass entry for your home or a window application for your business can be a beautiful and effective way of making a positive statement about your home or office. Call or email us today and we will begin to design that special art glass panel for you.

To see more Stained Glass, visit our Leaded & Stained Glass Gallery Page