Let Fashion Glass & Mirror Be Your New Houston TX Supplier

A glass manufacturer should be knowledgeable, experienced, helpful, understanding, willing to work with you and offer perfect craftsmanship. With  Fashion Glass and Mirror, that is exactly what you get. Though other companies may work with one or the other, we are able to help commercial and residential properties design the perfect custom mirrors or glass and are a well-renowned supplier in the Houston TX area.

Much to Offer 

While we strive to help a home or business owner with any glass and mirror needs, we do specialize in many areas, which include:


If you are interested in creating your own shoer door or mirror, consider using our virtual design center. It will help you select the right choices for your needs. It will show you the options you have to create the right piece for you.

What We Offer 

We do not simply offer you glass and mirror options, we create a new feel and look to any area of you home or business. Every Houston TX home and business is unique and should look that way to you and everyone else. We understand remodeling projects and the fact that you are spending a lot of time and money to make your space look just so. To us, this means that we will always be courteous to you and are there to offer help and advice when needed. We believe anything is possible and are eager to work with you, so please contact us.